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Adult Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Back Pain

The Spine Institute uses an Adult Stem Cell Therapy that doesn’t require FDA approval to treat lumbar and cervical spine conditions as well as the treatment of arthritis and joints, resulting from injury or aging, and is also involved with an FDA clinical trial investigating the use of Adult Stem Cells.

Learn more about Adult Stem Cells.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy – No FDA Approval Required

The Spine Institute, in partnership with the Orthopedic Stem Cell Institute and SpineSmith®/Celling Technologies, uses mesenchymal adult stem cells that function to repair and replace damaged tissue. These stem cells are autologous – they are taken from an adult patient and returned to that same patient in a concentrated form to the damaged area in a 30-minute procedure. This type of adult stem cell therapy does not require FDA approval to administer.

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FDA Clinical Trial – Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Mesoblast, a leader in adult stem cell product research, has developed a process to immunoselect the mesenchymal precursor cells (stem cells) from adult bone marrow mononuclear cells and then expand these stem cells in culture to produce allogenic MPCs (NeoFuse™). These expanded stem cells have been shown to retain the mesenchymal cell capacity for differentiation into bone, cartilage, and adipose tissue in-vitro and to regenerate bone in-vivo.

If you are interested in participating in a stem cell research study fill out the form here.

Learn more about the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the Mesoblast (Adult Stem Cell) Disc Repair Clinical Trial.

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